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Sam Halmarack


Sam Halmarack is an experienced sound designer and composer having worked on a wide variety of theatrical productions since 2007. Sam enjoys being involved from the early stages of research and development to contribute and help shape a show. He has a balance of creative and technical skills which mean he can come up with an exciting idea and then be able to implement it within budgetary and time constraints. He has collaborated with many different artists and formed part of creative teams to support and respond to the vision of directors. Sam creates his own work which has taken him to San Francisco, Melbourne and across the country and won 4 and 5 star reviews from The Scotsman, The Skinny and a nomination for the Arches Brick Award. He has produced music for online adverts which have received over 2.3 million views. Sam has led sound design workshops for artists, young people and adults. He has mentored individuals and small groups through the process of sound design in theatre.