incubate* residency


INCUBATE* is an embedded, supported, research and development opportunity for independent artists and small to medium companies to seed work, explore new methodologies, experiment, and play.


27 march
30 june


Burger Joint is G and T-Bone, two motorcycle riding legends of funk and groove. They mix annoyingly catchy choruses with saucy loops and tasty beats, dripping with cheese.

This wall of sound mixes funk bass loops, epic lead guitar with tight fat drums to create a sound that is as fun as it is loud.


Camille is an emerging artist based in Burleigh Heads who specialises in acrylic painting, large-scale murals and illustration. Her work is informed by observations of people and her surroundings, producing a celebration of colour and a daydream of place.

christine sharp

Christine is an artist working across the visual, literary and performing arts, with a focus on visual art. Her practice includes painting, drawing, photography, writing and book design, with grounding in theatre, voice and dance.

Recent artwork considers weather, seasons, landscape and place, and meditates on the radical, living beauty of nature.


Counterpilot is an award-winning collective of interdisciplinary artists directed by Nathan Sibthorpe.

Together, we create interactive performance works, activating audiences with new technology, rich design, and transmedia storytelling.

Counterpilot seeks to transform the familiar, juxtaposing rich fictional worlds against a backdrop of the everyday.


Dani’s voice soars like a bird in flight, taking you on an emotional journey that’s as empowering as it is captivating.” Grammy- nominated songwriter, Sally Seltmann.

Using her soulful voice, sanguine songwriting and sunny disposition to spread love, joy and positive energy, Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations (Weilwan) singer-songwriter Dani Teveluwe is an artist your truly must follow.

Danni zuvela

Danni's practice explores non-human listening, earth-based knowledge and community engagement. She comes from a sound art background and has spent many years curating sound art exhibitions and performances and related activities (talks, workshops, artist camps).

She has a particular passion for endangered species and working with the natural world - plants, animals, minerals, fungi, seaweed, microbes, water, air and mist as subjects (not just objects) in the context of contemporary art.

Debbie Schreiber

In a chaotic and unpredictable world Debbie finds a safe space in her studio, where she totally free to explore and create, always meeting her rawest form of self. Driven by this constant exploration, her work is an examination of the different forms life and emotions take.

She's guided by discovery, visual excitement and unexpected surprises, painting to her is an exercise of self-enquiry, a source of mystery and surprises.


Goldy’s is a community-building collective centred around queer art and performance. Goldy’s dream is to cultivate a thriving, diverse and joyfully connected LGBTQI+ cultural scene through community events, pop-up discos, support & performance opportunities for local queer artists.

Goldy’s has been created by locals Nerida Groth, Troy Woodcroft, and Kath Gourley, they are a team of highly established events and entertainment professionals who employ a joyous collaborative working partnership. Their process works in response to the needs of the community to drive positive social outcomes for all involved.

Jordan Wilkinson

Homegrown Gold Coast filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist; Jordan Wilkinson tells the immediate stories of people, art, and place. His work often challenges the notions between memory and identity within natural and urban landscape settings.

His work often builds a dialogue about inclusive safe spaces and documenting individual stories and histories from the Gold Coast LGBTQIA+ community.

Julian Reisinger

Julian is a non-binary & neurodivergent conceptual audio-visual artist. J’s main focus is on immersive and generative light and sonic art installation pieces. Their work is often dark and melancholic and inspired by themes like Cosmic Horror & Solarpunk, emotions like ‘Sehnsucht’ & fear, as well as scientific databases & natural phenomenas.

J uses their own experiences with trauma, nightmare, the upbringing as a queer autistic outcast and the desire of love to combine it with the principles of conceptual art and a diverse range of art forms to explore the relationship between society/nature and the collective unconscious.


Kathy Mackey is a Queensland based multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the complexity of liminal spaces between the natural/the artificial and the public/private.

Liam Kirk

Bringing you his own swathe of tropical grooves, Life Is A Myth is the multi-instrumental project from Gold Coast musician Liam Kirk. Comparable to Winston Surfshirt, FKJ, Marc Rebillet and Groove Armada, Life Is A Myth is a universe of tropical-disco-funk.


Lisette has worked nationally and overseas on over 50 theatrical productions with leading arts companies such as Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir and Queensland Theatre.

Melissa Spratt

Melissa Spratt is a very meticulous maker and each aspect of her work is created through subtle abstraction of, and interaction with, personal identity.

Her practice focuses on themes of becoming into belonging, interrogating the world around her as subject matter, and questioning. She seeks answers to and holds curiosity for, self-identity and human perception.

Merinda Davies

Merinda Davies (b.1991) is an artist using performance, movement, installation and conversation to question the current structural paradigm of inequality.

Her work is inspired by the environment, human and non-human social structures and the possibilities available to us in future imaginings.

Her practice aims to find clarity and connection in the external world through deep listening, observation, and research into the emotional and physical states in our internal worlds.


Mitchell Finglas is a multidisciplinary producer and studio artist. Over the past 15 years Mitch has worked in an array of different creative and leadership roles including music producer, sound engineer, teacher, songwriter and artist, videographer and most recently a creative director a music studio in Burleigh heads.

With experience in multiple different areas in the creative sector Mitch’s skill set allows for a unique vision and insight into the project that he is involved in.

Patrick Hameon + Michael Saunders

Through long discussions and ideation, Patrick and Michael have found a common interest in examining two interrelated ideas: one, examining the processes used by an artist from a different practice and two, studying how processes and inspiration work together.

They are working on combining two art forms into a unique performance so that they are moving back and forth with each other's processes and in turn inspiring the next phase of each other's work.


PUBLIC PALACE is a Yugambeh/Gold Coast based collective exploring the social, critical and material potentials of public space. Interested in collaboration across spatial practices, PUBLIC PALACE encourages the intersection of ideas via experimental, temporal and durational projects.

Often realised via psycho-geography and social practice, their shared spatial aesthetic is inherently concerned with process, friendship, performance and conceptual art practices.

Rae Saheli

Rae’s formal training belies her current art making process. No longer interested in the application of paint to render the world in expressive or colourful ways, Rae’s work is unique in that it’s made using a 12-gauge shot gun. That’s right, Rae shoots her work!

In a process that favours chance, chaos, and randomness over any sense of pictorial order, Rae’s curiously beautiful pieces are the result of a woman with a shotgun.


Rebecca's art practice is primarily visual and contemporary art encompassing being an artist, curator, writer, academic, mentor, producer, gallerist and artistic director.

Sarah Huston

Sarah Huston is a multi-disciplinary mid-career creative professional with over a decade of experience working in the arts and culture sector on the Gold Coast and internationally.

Her professional background includes working as a creative director, designer, curator, event producer, artist, and media platform founder. Over the past three years, her focus has shifted from visual arts to performing arts, specifically acting, dance, and stunts.

Her work in these areas explores idiosyncrasies and the manifestations of the human condition, and our mental and physical limitations and strengths.


Sprung!! Dance Theatre is a nonprofit community organisation based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

The Sprung!! Dance Ensemble is a collective of D/deaf and disabled artists, many of whom have been working together for 10 years, delivering a range of contemporary dance and community arts programs specifically for emerging D/deaf and disabled artists.

Ensemble artists include: Tara Coughlan, Max Mcauley, Zac Misfud, Freya Toussaint, Kane Shields, Alice Boschenien, Sinead Skorka Brennan, Tallula Bourne, Brynn James, Breanna Fisher.


Suzanne is a well known creative in her field of choreography & movement, with experience choreographing on set, for live theatre and for many well know dance schools & companies in Queensland.

Also a professional actor, Suzanne found herself working abroad last year in New York & then travelled to Malaysia to work creatively as an Assistant Director.

Throughout this time away, Suzanne was inspired to develop a concept fusing together her acting & dance artistry. This concept, 'Evoke', explores the inspiration of movement through the feeling of an emotion. Suzanne cannot wait to explore this concept further and fully immerse herself into the world of 'Evoke' with the support of her residency.

Tahlia Palmer

Tahlia Palmer is an artist of Murri and European background, born on Whudjuk Noongar Boodjar (Perth, WA) working in a variety of mediums to explore history, identity and perception.

Descended from a grandfather who survived being of the Stolen Generations (QLD), and Dutch grandparents who survived WW2, her art practice works on confronting the conditions that create and perpetuate inter-generational trauma.

She released ambient/drone/noise music under the pseudonym “amby downs”, named after the QLD station on which her Murri ancestors worked in servitude.

Tal Fitzpatrick

Tal Fitzpatrick (she/her) is an Israeli born Australian artist, researcher and arts educator best known for her creative and academic work in the field of ‘craftivism.’

Using both in-person and digital modes of engagement Tal’s work incorporates the dialogic approach of participatory art with the material processes of craft (particularly quilting and embroidery) in a visual style strongly influenced by the work of her paternal grandmother artist Dawn Fitzpatrick (1922-2021).

Tessa Bergan

Tessa Bergan is an emerging artist based on Yugambeh Country (Gold Coast). She has worked across sculpture, performance, digital media, and most recently text-based collage.

Her work has explored the contemporary identity of her local city, often with self-reflexive humour and irreverence.

Tessa has collaborated with a number of Gold Coast artists including an extensive collaboration with Adrienne Kenafake as Agents of Confusion.

Thea Skelsey

Thea Skelsey is a Queensland based artist whose practice looks at deconstructing concepts to arrive at their most simplistic form.

Through a process of elimination she cleverly distills complex ideologies and translates them into bold and defining statements that reference her graphic design background and ties to the coastal landscape and lifestyle.

Sustainability is at the core of her work - her love for the natural environment is evident in her use of materials opting for painting on cotton which is more durable than paper and hanging on dowel to eliminate the need for framing.

tina toka

A Tafe Student studying Music Performance focusing on Stagecraft and songwriting, Tina’s creative writing has excelled after performing at BLEACH* 2022.

Her vocals, both singing and Rap, are her instrument, and hopes to encourage other female rappers on the Gold Coast to pursue studying, reaching a higher education through music.

White Rabbit Theatre

After a period of dormancy and unexpected metamorphosis, White Rabbit Theatre is re-emerging in 2023 with renewed energy, curiosity and commitment to making work that is playful, original and impactful.

White Rabbit’s works have been predominantly text based, narrative driven performance pieces, and we are also keen to explore materials and concepts that honour theatre traditions while exploring new pathways.

Dani Cabs +
Nadia Milford +
jade brider

Daniel Cabrera is a fun facilitator who engages audience and community through comedy, clowning, and interactive/immersive theatre.

He is especially passionate about communicating positive message around sex, sexuality and consent to help engage men and encourage positive masculine behaviours that are inclusive, empathetic and compassionate.

Nadia (She/Her) is a performance artist whose work intersects dance, theatre, film and immersive play.

A graduate of QUT’s BA Dance Performance (distinction) movement is the genesis of her creativity. She has created and performed works for national and international audiences.

Jade(she/her) is performer, artist and the director of VOiiiD Collective. Currently based on Meanjin Country, she has an ever-growing inquisitiveness towards multidisciplinary performance and collaborating with an extensive range of artists.

She has a BA honours from London Contemporary Dance School and is a self-taught visual artist.


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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.