Our work

A Pleasant Place by Mint Art House | Image supplied by artist

We are passionate about making art and working in a meaningful way with artists. We know art is both born of place and shapes a place. We’re interested in building relationships, having authentic conversations and always keeping it real.


Placemakers* Gold Coast is committed to supporting and growing the cultural ecology on the Gold Coast for professional practising artists. We vision and deliver a range of place-led programs with the clear intention of developing a robust, vibrant and sustainable community of artists.

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Clients and Partners:

Placemakers* Gold Coast works with value-aligned clients and partners to create culture-led and place-based experiences. Our expertise is threefold (and then some):

Tailored culture-led experiences, connected to place:

We employ a collaborative approach to visioning and delivering unique cultural experiences for our partners. For us, it’s not a one-size-fits all model or framework. We assess each project and let the place and the community lead and inform the creative direction. This collaborative process has resulted in large-scale temporary installations, to more ephemeral one-off experiences.

Cultural project management:

We have the capability and capacity to project manage short or longer-term cultural place activations. We have a strong track-record in overseeing all aspects of the cultural delivery of projects including risk, pedestrian, stakeholder and site management. While our preference is to be there from the beginning of a project, we’re also flexible enough to join a project at any stage of the process and assist with delivery.

Community engagement and consultation:

Our place-led projects are often the catalyst for authentic community consultation and engagement. Through this process we learn more about a community and gain valuable insights to a place. When embedded as part of a broader planning strategy, this engagement process can be complimentary in terms of enhancing the social, economic and cultural outcomes of urban planning projects.

Take a look at our Projects and Case Studies to learn more.

Urbis values the partnership we have had with Bleach* and now Placemakers*. When considering  how cities and communities are shaped, we share similar values of collaborative consultation, authentic relationships and a healthy sense of adventure to explore what’s possible together.

– Matthew Schneider, Director, URBIS