Behind The Golden Doors

A curated salon of short works

15 Gold Coast artists working in performance, dance, music, visual art, screen and sound are coming together for a curated salon of work in development that will be presented as part of a new series ­- Behind The Golden Doors, in September 2020.

In March 2020, as an immediate response to COVID19 on our industry and business, Placemakers* went to market with a paid opportunity for local artists to create a new work as part of this series. The artists that were successful in this very popular call out and who will present their work in development as part of the series are summarised below. Tickets for Behind the Golden Doors are SOLD OUT. Thank you for supporting our very first Salon Series.

SALON 1 | 3 September| Rick Roser’s Studio, Burleigh Heads

Behind the Golden Doors | 3 September | Rick Roser | Image credit: Maleika Halpin
Rick RoserFire Making Workshop
Steve Cora, Neville “Torry” Torrisheba
and Christian Tancred
Tallebudgera Canoes
Jorge SerraSanctity of Space
Christine SharpCoasting

SALON 2 | 17 September | The Farmhouse, Miami

Behind the Golden Doors | Loki Liddle at The Farm Gold Coast. Image Credit: Maleika Halpin

Katie HooperI Authentically Do
Kacey Patrick and Karl S WilliamsDistance
Mindy Davis and Matt CornellFully Automated Human Touch
Corrina Bonshek and Salvador
Tiny Universes
Ruby DonohoeAn Act of Intimacy
Loki LiddleTBC

SALON 3 | 24 September | 6-8 PM | Art-Work Agency Studio, Mermaid Waters

Behind the Golden Doors | Salon 3 | Art-Work Agency | Photo credits: Maleika Halpin
Rebecca Ross(extra)terrestrial
Daniele ConstanceShared Plates
Laurie OxenfordTBC
Natalie PopovskiAbsorption
Kerbside CollectiveTBC

about the BTGD artists & their work in development

Christian Tancred, Uncle Steve Cora and Neville “Torry” Torrisheeba – Tallebudgera Canoes

Tallebudgera Canoes is a multi-media and place making collaboration between Uncle Steve Cora, Neville ‘Torry’ Torrisheeba and Christian Tancred. The project will record and present ancient stories of people and place at Tallebudgera, as depicted on Canoes painted by Uncle Steve and Torry. The collaboration couples ancient stories, art and wisdom with modern techniques of digital capture and presentation and shares them with audiences across the Gold Coast.

Christine Sharp – Coasting

Christine is currently creating a series of art books and one will focus on place; specifically, this place, the Coast, from the hinterland to the sea. She will explore connection to place, the understory, and reveal the extraordinary beauty of place. For Behind the Golden Doors, Christine will create a spoken word meditation using some of the words and ideas from the book, developed alongside a sensory soundscape and projecting artwork from the book as a backdrop.

Corrina Bonshek and Salvador Cantellano – Tiny Universes

Salvador and Corrina met at a Placemakers* Blue Sky Lab and took their first steps towards a visual-sound jam. First exchanging sound recordings, then poetry and finally video art.  With a glimpse into each other’s worlds, both left the residency saying, ‘what if’?

Enter, Behind the Golden Doors, as Salvador and Corrina experiment with a fast-paced, process-led, creative development exchanging sounds and video art daily. Prompting — challenging — inspiring one another, assembling a new body of work through dialogue, with the implicit creative freedom to follow their muse. Will narratives emerge or will shape hold court? What if…

Corrina is interested in making mesmeric miniature sound universes while Salvador explores poetic textural cinematic romance. This is where we will begin to conjure a presentation output, either as a projected image/sound playback loop or as a live visual/sonic improvisation in real-time, or perhaps a combination of these.

Daniele Constance – Shared Plates

This project is about combining my personal ceramics practice with my community engaged arts practice. I am proposing to make hand built (or hand thrown) plates and flatware in tandem with conducting research and community outreach to collect stories, recipes and memories that connect people with food and a sense of community. 

Food has always been a mechanism for bringing people together, sharing conversations, community and culture. With the current restrictions, it feels even more important.

Each plate will be hand made and have a direct connection to / or correlation with a community member/participant and their food story. Of course, food is a gateway to talk about much more than food – family, culture, migration, history, discrimination, health, politics – the idea that some of these messages may be collected and embedded into plate that holds it, to be shared again in new company.

Jorge Serra – Sanctity of Space

The idea of a space without designation, ownership, witnesses or documentation is hard to envision.  Sanctity of Space is a series of photographs that explores the idea of the value of a space outside of human intervention through two main elements: Figure and Landscapes.

Katie Hooper – I Authentically Do

Katie will create a live performance inviting the audience to reconfirm their authenticity with each other. This is a story of our distracted lives, and how this year the greater population became more aware of the value of community, nature and being their truest selves. ‘I Authentically Do’ will be a commentary on these unprecedented times and the huge shift in awareness that is beginning to occur. 

Kerbside Collective – UNTITLED

Kerbside Collective will bring their uniquely designed hills hoist to Behind the Golden Doors to develop a projection performance exploring themes around perception, imagination and play from our own backyard.

Laurie Oxenford – UNTITLED

A performance work. Visual Art. An experiment. Curatorial.
Painting as a result of objects interacting in space. Removal of the artist’s hand as a direct and intentional creative force. A minimalist performance artwork. The artist explores a fascination of painting with functional non-art objects, inspired by the minimalists’ endeavour to remove evidence of the artist’s hand and emotional/narrative from artwork, revealing the simplicity and actualism of the materials in use.

A sculptural reality, immediate and undiluted act of art. It’s about the interaction and existence of the material in an intentional space. The materiality is key to the outcome.

Loki Liddle – UNTITLED

Musician and spoken word artist Loki Liddle will enter into development of a hybridised spoken-word/music/theatre production for Behind the Golden Doors. This kind of cross-platform experimentation is something Loki’s very interested in developing into a major part of his practice. He will bring to his performance a new body of work in poetry and music and he’s looking forward to developing ways to blend them together.

Merinda Davies and Matt Cornell – Fully Automated Human Touch

Fully Automated Human touch is a work-in-progress which had its first development in thanks to The Farm on the Gold Coast and followed by a public showing at Supercell Dance Festival earlier in 2020. The project is a collaboration between artist Merinda Davies and choreographer Matt Cornell, set in the year 2087 by which date, food production and supply chains operate entirely without human intervention. Behind the Golden Doors is an opportunity for a second stage development of the work, resourcing the artists to delve deeper into its physicality, dramaturgy and aesthetics. They will then share this next stage of efforts as part of the salon series.

Natalie Popovski – Absorption

Natalie’s Behind the Golden Doors work is a small snapshot of a larger project Natalie is working on called Absorption, wherein she creates indirect portraits of creatives shaping counter-culture movements within Australia. For Golden Doors, Natalie will be screening an interview that she has conducted with a prominent Gold Coast creative, and discussing an artwork that has been created in response to the interview. Natalie is interested in exploring the domestic environment and the mundane moments as a way to gain powerful insight into another.

Rebecca Ross – (extra)terrestrial

(extra)terrestrial is a video montage anchored in a play between light and dark. Through a non-linear narrative, the work will navigate a practice of gazing outwards at the terrestrial (the light) and then shift focus to look inwards at the psyche and beyond Earth to the far reaches of the universe (the dark). A mélange of moving images, photographs, x-rays, scanned slides, super 8 film, paintings, collages and audio recordings, the work is an experiment in channelling modes and mediums via video, into a single format. The act of bringing these materials together aims to create new relationships, and unearth new meanings between them and the universe.

Ruby Donohoe – An Act of Intimacy

An Act of Intimacy: ​a one-on-one participatory performance exploring the politics of encounter. Borrowing from immersive theatre practices, participants are led to an installation space through a series of letters, site-specific prompts and audioscape. On meeting, both artist and participant step into clear head-to-toe bodysuits. In this simultaneous state of proximity and separation, participants are invited to propose an act of connection to undertake- anything from cutting one another’s hair to napping to sitting in silence. The encounter and the pursuit of intimacy- in all its elusivity and many forms- is documented by a before-and-after portrait of the two.

Covid-19 undeniably dispels the myth of the sovereignty of the self – our interconnection is increasingly beyond doubt- and yet our survival also relies on isolation. Mirroring the paradox of simultaneous radical intimacy and radical alienation, the work invites us to reimagine the porous divide between connection and separation.

Rick Roser – Traditional Fire Making Ceremony

Rick will host a workshop teaching the art of Traditional fire making ceremony. Rick has a long history of teaching workshops in schools, festivals and community gatherings. Rick is also known for his Traditional ochre painting and the Traditional Art of String Making using bark and locally found materials .

Karl S Williams and Kacey Patrick | “Distance”

The artists were among to first to go, the canaries in the coal mine. Although our stages were gone, the will and imperative to create always remained….

‘Distance’ is a short film, animation and musical suite which documents our corner of this pandemic. The changes to our visible world, the distance between us and its emotional and mental impact. How we, as a community, as artists and social commentators, have responded to the immediate and self-centering concerns… And how, then, we must – as artists and commentators – move beyond our own sphere and visible world to comment on and for our global community….. for the mine and each and every miner in it.

Image credit: Jorge Serra