A Perpetual State of What The F#@k??!! and Follow the Bias

Project info

Two new short dance films, originally commissioned as part of BLEACH* 2021.


A Perpetual State of What The F#@k??!! by The Farm

Two children scavenge the carcass of a world decimated by negligence and come across the leftovers of the past, buried in the sand. Working in collaboration with Jerrycan Films, Helpmann award-winning company The Farm brings their uniquely physical and visceral aesthetic to the screen in a work of sweeping imagery that asks all of us to remember what keeps us together when it all falls apart.

Follow the Bias by Gogi Dance Collective

Shift your expectations with a new multi-channel video work from Gogi Dance Collective, exploring the hypnotic rhythms and patterns inspired by the everyday choreography of lawn bowls with key collaborators including award-winning film-maker Samuel James, composer Guy Webster and BLEACH* Artistic Director, Rosie Dennis.



Based on the Gold Coast with roots in Berlin, The Farm is a company of artists who share a fascination with the fragility and strength of the human condition. Often characterised as cinematic, our work is based on universal subjects and themes that matter. Sometimes brash, always bold and insightful, The Farm’s work has shown a unique ability to connect with anyone from dance aficionados to theatre virgins and has been described as the ‘gateway drug to contemporary dance’. From a drive-in B grade horror performance in a Showgrounds, to a 48 hour durational improvisation on a sandbar in an estuary, we have proven ourselves to be bold re-imaginers of the ways dance can affect the lives of everyday Queenslanders.

With a combined 35 years of local and international dance practice, Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner are the Gogi Dance Collective. Producer and choreographer Harvie drives the creative collective’s exploration of new environments. White’s outstanding training at WAPPA elevates the company’s artistry. Frehner’s international career opens the regional company’s perspective. Newly formed in 2015 and triennially funded by The City of Gold Coast, Gogi specialises in customised site­ specific dance experiences. By delivering high production values and excellence in choreography, visual and sound design, site and event management, Gogi’s unexpected, immersive experiences embolden audiences to explore their local spaces, connect with each other and shift their expectations of arts experiences.





A Perpetual State of What The F#@k??!! by The Farm | Image: Claudio Kirac, Art-Work Agency