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Chez Nous, Artist pictured: John Reeves | Image credit: Maleika Halpin

We build stronger communities and better places through arts and culture. We create experiences and tell stories of place that are electrifying, authentic and uniquely Gold Coast.

Placemakers* Gold Coast is committed to the continued growth and development of the cultural ecology on the Gold Coast and throughout the state of QLD. 

Our vision is to deliver extraordinary arts and cultural experiences, for our communities in our place. 

Our purpose is to challenge expectations, change perceptions and provide unique and authentic experiences connected to place.

The organisation has played an integral role in the visibility of the Gold Coast arts and cultural sector at a local, state and national level, primarily through the delivery of BLEACH*: an annual contemporary festival of place that alchemises art, community, and site.

In its relatively short history, BLEACH* has become one of Australia’s leading and most exciting place-based contemporary arts festivals and has attracted close to 1 million people since inception.

Bleach* has played a pivotal role in terms of reinvigorating the cultural life of the Gold Coast and provided significant impact to and influence on the development of the arts and culture ecology in the south-east QLD region.

As one of the few producing companies and presentation platforms on the Gold Coast, Placemakers* and BLEACH* offer essential support and opportunities for the creation of new work, advocating for local artists and championing the sector more broadly with national and international peers.



We value community consultation and engagement. We do this for our own projects and can help our partners on their projects too.

The Placemakers* and BLEACH* team are committed to celebrating diversity on the Gold Coast and amplifying the voices of people we don’t often hear from in the mainstream media. The team are respectful in their communications and sensitive to cultural differences. We greatly value our relationship with Placemakers* and recognise the strength that comes from working together.

Rana Al-Mekarry, Multicultural Families Organisation

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