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Chez Nous, Artist pictured: John Reeves | Image credit: Maleika Halpin

We build stronger communities and better places through arts and culture. We create experiences and tell stories of place that are electrifying, authentic and uniquely Gold Coast.

As the City of Gold Coast’s leading independent arts organisation, Placemakers* Gold Coast puts culture first when planning for a vibrant, liveable and evolved city.

We are solutions-focused, creative and flexible in realising cultural activations as part of a broader planning and development strategy. While we thrive on creative practice, we are meticulous in meeting the tightest deadlines and adhering to the strictest budgets.

Whether we’re embedding art, culture and the voice of the community into the planning and visioning of public spaces or rolling out tailored community events in the neighbourhood, we consistently exceed client and community expectations, delivering out-of-the-box, unexpected and transformational cultural experiences that shift perceptions of a place and build community.

We have an excellent reputation for delivering large-scale place-based experiences (check out BLEACH* Festival: our city-wide place-based contemporary arts festival).

We believe everybody wins when arts and culture have a seat at the table at the outset of planning and development projects, embedding the voice of the community and enhancing the social, economic and cultural life of our city.


We value community consultation and engagement. We do this for our own projects and can help our partners on their projects too.

The Placemakers* and BLEACH* team are committed to celebrating diversity on the Gold Coast and amplifying the voices of people we don’t often hear from in the mainstream media. The team are respectful in their communications and sensitive to cultural differences. We greatly value our relationship with Placemakers* and recognise the strength that comes from working together.

Rana Al-Mekarry, Multicultural Families Organisation

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